December 27, 2012

We need to defend our rights!

Go get a glock...preferably from a local gun shop.


Who knew that a couple at Bangor's famous restaurant, Dysart's, would go viral all over the internet?

Check this out:

December 24, 2012

O Come, Emmanuel

Merry Christmas, everyone!

 I love this song even more now!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

December 22, 2012


We got a bit of snow yesterday...perfect for taking your road test. Ha!
I passed, though. Such a relief!
Just don't ask me to parallel park your car, or you might regret it!

So, I won't have to look at this lovely book anymore!
(I don't live in Wisconsin; this was just the picture that I found;)

December 16, 2012

It's a...

IT'S A BOY!!!     
20 more weeks until I meet my nephew,  Judah William. We love him already! :)

Liv's belly is growing!

December 14, 2012

The more you minimize your sin, the more you'll minimize grace. The more you acknowledge your sin, the more you'll treasure grace
Paul David Tripp

November 30, 2012

Mrs. Meyer's

Wanting to do things the natural way, Mom picked up some  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Laundry Detergent. Come to find out after washing just about all of my clothes in  the lovely stuff, I'm allergic to it. Since I don't want to be using Cortisone all the time, it looks like we will be going back to Tide with Downy! 

Now, just because I can't use this product, doesn't mean that I can't use the other items in the product line. We LOVE the dish soap. If you haven't tried it, you simply must; it makes your whole kitchen smell divine!

November 21, 2012

Prep Work

It's that time of year again. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
The torte is ready and in the fridge (new addition this year), two pumpkin pies on the counter, turkey is in the fridge and ready to go, prep work for the stuffing and now to peal the potatoes...

Monday, Olivia and I attempted to make this delicious-looking Baked Chocolate Mousse. Let me simply state the turnout: FAIL. Talk about stressful. From having to chop chocolate like a mad woman, double broiling a few ingredients and whatnot, we were stressed. The timing of everything was what maxed us out! Ha!! So, what do you do when it comes out flat...I mean super flat? Why, you have your uncle and brothers eat it, of course!

No worries, Mom and I made another one this  morning. It is now in the fridge looking beautiful. ;)
Pictures to come!

November 18, 2012

Baby Update

Here's Olivia around 14 weeks:

She is 16 weeks now, so we need another picture! It's amazing how one can grow in just two weeks. ;)

November 17, 2012

Farm livin'



Great job, lil' bro!

November 5, 2012



The cutest puppy, Winston

He is a passionate person!

Fun with Dad. ;)

October 26, 2012

The Road To Marriage

A Family Hike

We went for a family walk through the woods the other day. It was quite a fun adventure! The boys get a thrill seeing partridge! Oh, how they would love to shoot 'em. ;) All of you hunters understand...

I can't decide what my favorite fall color is for the leaves: red, orange or yellow! Too many awesome choices.  ;)
I guess they all are my favorite!

October 24, 2012

Elegance, Grace and Loveliness

“When Christ overtakes a woman’s life and transforms her from the inside out, she becomes truly feminine - a picture of elegance, grace, and loveliness blended with sacrificial selfless devotion to her King.”
-Leslie Ludy, The Lost Art of True Beauty

October 22, 2012

"Bonebreak" HA

Pretty awesome...just had to post this!!!

My favorite horse! :)

October 18, 2012



Joseph is enthusiastic about everything he loves!

William, our strong defender.

It's hard work, that farm livin'.

Cutting the pumpkin.


Fun with Dad.

Pressing leaves. I suggest using Maine leaves. I'm biased. ;)

All set for Winter!

Honey...lots of it!


October 16, 2012

Earthquake in MAINE!

 4.6- magnitude earthquake struck Maine at 7:12 pm. tonight! So far, there have been no reported injuries...

October 14, 2012

emotional purity

emotional purity: an affair of the heart

Have you ever given your heart to someone who didn’t love you back?

Do you feel like you’ve experienced heartache over and over again?

If you are emotionally attached to someone, it’s easy to cross the line and become emotionally intimate. Then if the relationship doesn’t work out, you’re left with scars on your heart.

The church teaches us the importance of physical purity; but it teaches little about emotional purity. Christian singles often wear their hearts on their sleeves, which can lead to intense, emotionally intimate, male-female “friendships” with no commitment to pursuing marriage. People may have had several of these “friendships” and still consider themselves pure, but in reality they have given away pieces of their hearts that should be reserved for their future spouses.

Emotional Purity will show you how to define and set boundaries in your relationships to avoid making the same mistakes. Learn how to guard your heart and keep it emotionally pure.

Using fictional and real-life examples along with sound biblical advice, author Heather Arnel Paulsen outlines the pitfalls of undefined relationships and presents guidelines for living an emotionally pure life.

This book will also help a married person who may be tempted to cross the lines into an emotional affair with a "friend". Married Christians will learn how to maintain emotional faithfulness within the marriage vows. Although, the book is written with singles in mind, may married people find great benefit in reading. 

How do we avoid craving the praise of man?

It feels so good to know others think highly of you! To have people praise you! To have people adore you!

How do we avoid the fear of man?

Are we consumed with worry that a person will be displeased with us? Are we doing things in order to please man?

We have to view ourselves through the cross. We have to compare ourselves to the Servant of servants. We have to humble ourselves. We must operate under the assumption we have an audience of One.

Who are you trying to please? Whose approval do you crave? Man or God?

-Heather Patenaude          

Emotional Purity
by Heather Arnel Paulsen (Patenaude)

So far, this has been a great read!

October 13, 2012

October 10, 2012

a girl named Acelia...

came into my life about six years ago. 

Ever since that day, I have been blessed with a godly, beautiful young woman to call friend.

4 W fun! haha!! :-)

Proverbs 17:17- A friend loveth at all times...

1 Corinthians 13:4-8- Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
 Love never fails.

I just have to say:


I love you, Celie!

September 27, 2012

Bow Hunting 9/26/12

Dad brought home a doe last night!

Well, here is the prize!

 Joseph can't wait to go hunting in a few weeks.

    A little heavy?!

Brave girls!

We come from a long line of hunters. Call us rednecks or just Mainers! 
The two oldest grandchildren, out of eight, have had the privilege  of bringing home a deer. Now for the other's up to Joshua, Kirk and Joseph! Next year, it'll be Hannah's turn!!