May 25, 2010

just some random things...

Dad's Ampala and Koodo!

Dad's Gemsbuck...

Dad's Elk

Oompas (African for Grandfather) moose.

This is all Dads doing....Mom just wanted the moose:)

Me, practicing the piano...

Joseph, just hitting the keys...

William watching "Wild America" I didnt quite make it in...

"Wild America," is a tv series that the boys really enjoy watching. They only watch movies on the weekends, so its a treat when Friday comes around!!!

Will lost his tooth...

  A few weeks ago, we  went down to Scarborough for my cousins birthday party. And while we were there, William decided, that he was going to start jumping on and off of the couch (all the while, we were in the other room preparing lunch.) So after about five minutes of having fun....he fell off of the side. Hitting his mouth on the arm of the couch, blood started going everywhere from his front tooth. After we stopped the bleeding, Will could wiggle it with his tounge. Thank the Lord, a few days later it was firming up.
  So, Joseph and William decided to start jumping on Mom and Dads bed. (I think you know were this is going.) Things started getting a little to rough. But before we could stop it...William tripped. His mouth slammed into Josephs head. Yep, right on that tooth. Almost immediatley, it began to turn a gray color.
 We took him to the dentist, but they said there was no hope for the tooth to firm up again. Now we just have to wait for it to fall out. And after around three weeks of not being able to eat a large variety of food, it fell out!! William is only three, and know he won't have his right front tooth until hes about seven!
  Here is what he looks like now:

Still a little painful to brush...


May 24, 2010

and more photos...

Father Daughter dance....

Happy...but sad at the same time!

First Dance

The happy couple:)

Wedding Photos

                Olivia and Buddy, were married on December 4, 2009. Here are just a few wedding pics:

Saying their vows

I was TRYING to fix her train....she wouldnt stand still!!

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eckman.

Heading to the Starbucks, then the reception!

We stayed for about thirty minutes.....

then off to where our guests were waiting!

Arrival of the Bride and Groom.


Our first post!

Welcome to our blog!

 I (Victoria) am going to be keeping track of all of our family happenings, through this blog. And I thought, that maybe some of you would care to join in!!! I can only imagine, how neat this will be to look upon a few years from now!
   As for now, here are some pics. of our family trip to Boston:

                                                                Joseph and Dad

Our family (minus Olivia and her husband Buddy) at Pizza Shop in Down-town Boston!

                        My friend Sarah and Me walking the Freedom Trail. Everyone was out by the time we got to our hotel!

The Museum of Fine Arts.

The family in front of Samual Adams statue!