March 30, 2012

Physical Therapy

Eight more weeks of stabilizing my right wrist. Eight more weeks of typing with one hand...I can hardly do any housework. No violin until MAY...AH! Did I mention that I'm a righty? This means that I'll be ambidextrous by summer. :) Needless to say, school has been a bit strenuous and I feel kinda lazy...not fun! Mom has been bringing me to physical therapy for the past three weeks or so. The PT has been treating me for carpal tunnel...I lost 40% of range in my right wrist. Thankfully, some of the annoying pain is subsiding! I must now continue the exercises,ice massages and prayers!...and the immobilization! ~Victoria

March 23, 2012

Our road is fixed...

...well almost! We have not been able to leave our house without the truck due to the incredible amount of mud that is in our driveway! Mr. Curtis has just finished grating it.... God bless him! We can go in town now!!!:

March 20, 2012

82 Degrees??....I think so!

Joyful and Rosie are loving the unusual temps!!! We are too. ;)

March 16, 2012

Birthdays and Siblings

We celebrated William's 5th birthday on the 14th. I can't believe that our little "cowboy" is growing so quickly. He is definitely one of the biggest blessings to our family. Happy Birthday, little man. :) By living at home and aiding my Mom in schooing the boys, I have been able to get to know my siblings very well. They are a gift from the Lord. I can't imagine my life without them.
Little Joseph...about 6 years ago.
Boys workin' in the barn!
You hold a special place in my heart too, Liv!

March 14, 2012

Tim Hawkins - Home School Blues

Our family gets a kick out of this guy!!!
(We Homeschool:)

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March 6, 2012

This Past Month in Words

Greetings one and all! I pray that this post finds everyone well. Does the weather have any of you snowbound?

February 2012=WHIRLWIND.

We have had a busy/fun couple of weeks. I will tell you about a few things that this familia has been up to. We celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday with family and friends…and of course, his favorite German chocolate cake (something any good sister in-law should know;). We also had a b-day party for mwa. Mine happens to be the day before Buds.

My grandmother flew in for my party. I was completely oblivious to this surprise (which hardly ever happens!), so you can only imagine my reaction when my Dad returned home from supposedly picking up my “cake” with my Grammy instead! She has never been with me on one of my birthdays before, as she is the principal of a school down south. I feel truly blessed to have shared one of my milestone birthdays with one of the most important women in my life.

We have not only been celebrating the days of our births, but have decided that we should become farmers. Brookfield now is the home to four Highland cattle! For all of you who don’t know what they are, here is a brief description: they are short, long-haired cows that have massive horns. Whenever I look at them, all I can think of is a Texas Longhorn!

Joseph is now known around the house as “farmer boy” (good book, by the way). He wears a smile on his face as he pulls his Boggs on in the mornings and heads out to do chores-even in the tedious Maine weather! Joseph just told me his day-to-day schedule: “I get up, feed the cows, eat breakfast, play, do schoolwork , school, eat, eat , play, feed the cows, play soccer with Dad, then we read Boyhood and Beyond, pray and go to bed. I’m crammed.” You gotta love him!

William is enjoying his little excursions to the barn with his big brother; it is wonderful to see the two of them working beside each other. Their new favorite pastime is climbing on the hay and then jumping off. I have to admit, I don’t mind joining them. 

We spent the 18th through the 23rd with our good friends, whom we only see a handful of times each year. Needless to say, we had a marvelous time. Olivia, who is married and our friend’s oldest son, Brian who is in the Army, are no longer a part of our family get-togethers, due to living far-off. Now the ladies only have to prepare meals ahead of time for ten people.  Without the two oldest “kids” around, things are extremely quiet. It’s not that they are necessarily loud…but that they make their siblings loud, if you get my point. ;) They definitely have matured in the past few years, though. We love them for who they are!!!

Did I mention that we took a couple trips to Portland?

Since February vacation is over and the cows are home, this week has consisted of getting back into the normal swing of things, as well as getting used to having another four animals on our land. We are very grateful that the Lord has orchestrated all of the little details of putting our farm together. Agriculture is right up my dad’s alley. I’m so glad that he now has this stress-relieving hobby!

People laughed when they heard that the pastors were purchasing cattle. I guess farming isn’t the “in” or “cool” thing in our area right now? We think that’s it’s pretty fabulous, though!