July 12, 2010

Some pics taken around 2008

Rainbow: God's promise.

That four wheeler, has well over 1,000 miles on it. We use it alot.
First time baking in the new house!
(I love anything to do with cooking:)

July 6, 2010

On the trip to Indiana

We had a  LONG road trip. Altogether, about 3,000 miles!
William did great on the trip.

Dad in the back seat.(Taking a break from driving:)

                            Entering Indiana!!!!!

At the pool

Gram and Aunt Lilli watching the kids swimming.
Mom and I at the pool.

William kept going up and down the stairs that lead to the swimming pool!


We all spent many hours in the pool.
Joseph and William, love to swim!




Cole would jump off of the deck onto the raft, and surff!

Summersaulting into the water:)

July 5, 2010


    We make some great pizza!!
     Here are five steps to it:

Place dough in the oven for about five min. prior to adding the toppings.

While dough is baking, start chopping your onions, red/green peppers etc.

Remove dough from the oven, and place sauce and cheese ontop.

Afterwich, do the same with the veggies.